I put this page together after my iPod was scratched by a hard plastic iSee case. This left very noticable scratches all across the screen of the iPod. Immediately I began looking into ways to remove the scratches. A thread on the ipodlounge forums lead me to try Novus Plastic Polish which has worked wonders for me. The Novus Polish is available at TAP Plastics stores. I went in to buy some of this polish and came out with free samples which more than did the job. Below you will see what I did and the pictures to prove it.

1. My scratched iPod.

Scratched iPod

2. These are the samples I got. I used the Novus #2 Fine Scratch Remover and an old t-shirt.


3. I masked off the iPod buttons with Scotch tape and some notepad paper. I cut the t-shirt in half. I used one half to lay the iPod on and the other to apply the polish. I followed the directions and firmly rubbed the polish in for about 20 minutes.

Masked iPod

4. After all was said and done, this was my result. A couple of small, unnoticable scratches remained, but all the major, noticable scratches were gone!

Finished Product

And that's it. I hope this helps someone with a damaged iPod.